Week 3 Round-Up

The Pinkney House crew with homeowner, Mr. Beaton, in Unit 17. Source: Benjamin Skolnik

The Pinkney House crew with homeowner, Mr. Beaton, in Unit 17. Source: Kate Deeley

Besides a lecture from Dr. Matt Palus on his archaeological work in Annapolis, this week saw the rallied push to the finish as we wrapped up in preparation to move to the Wye House on Monday. Archaeologists try to make it to the sterile level—where there are no more artifacts found—before closing up a site, but sometimes the constraints of time make it a trying task.

At the James Holliday House, the unit in the basement reached sterile early in the week, so the excavators quickly worked through their paperwork—including notes and drawings of the stratigraphy— so that they could start backfilling. All of the dirt that comes out of the archaeological units must go back in, so the last step in the fieldwork process is to fill the hole back up with dirt. Unit 19 followed soon after, while Unit 20 ran across an interesting foundation wall, which you can read about in Dorie’s post. Over at the Pinkney House, the two units were pushing 4-5 ft. deep, and still finding artifacts. On Friday, both crews worked together to close out and backfill all of the units.

The week ended on a particularly high note, as we were featured in the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun. On Friday morning, the students got to see their pictures and words in print, and everyone was excited and proud of the results. We received an influx of readers to the blog as a consequence, which we greatly appreciate! Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm, and please continue to share your thoughts with us as we share our experiences with you.


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