A Candid Conversation

The following is the introduction to a chapter by Dr. Mark Leone in an upcoming volume Conversations Through Archaeology, edited by William Rathje, Michael Shanks, and Christopher Witmore. It is set to be published by Rutledge in 2012.

4. Mark Leone
with William Rathje and Michael Shanks

Mark Leone, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Maryland, has led the development of historical archaeology worldwide, with radically inspiring work, informed by critical theory and cultural responsibility, in the urban archaeology of Annapolis.

Conversation Introduction

October 25, 2002. Leone offers a candid list of situations in archaeology which either ticked him off or inspired him; either way, these reactions were transformed into an impetus to make change.  His lesson to archaeologists in the making is “follow your emotions.”  Working in historical archaeology in the US, he shares his own radical stance using emotions and then interventions in local planning and community.  His reflections on what provoked him range from the confrontational to the downright shocking.

The rest of the chapter is free for you to download and enjoy as a PDF.


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