Summer 2012 Field School

It’s June again and that means the Archaeology in Annapolis Field School is up and running.  In addition to our students from the University of Maryland, College Park, we also have students from Morgan State, Johns Hopkins, UMBC, and Hood College.  Our students this summer come to us from anthropology, psychology, journalism, government and politics, and art history.  Our students will be learning not just how to dig but about history and heritage of Maryland and the nation.

As with last summer, our students will be blogging about their experience with us in Annapolis and at Wye House.  Not only does this give our students an opportunity to reflect on archaeology, history, and heritage, it also allows them to share these things with a much wider audience.

We encourage you to read what our students have to share this summer, think about what they have to say, comment on their posts, and start a discussion about anything they say that interests you.

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