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Understanding What’s Underground

After spending almost two weeks excavating in the James Holliday house, digging up countless household items, it’s easy to see that although generations span between us, modern day Marylanders are similar to their Annapolis ancestors.    As we slowly sift through the shards that once made up a family’s life, it becomes apparent what kind of […]

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The Basement: “Small Find Heaven”

It is week two at the Archaeology in Annapolis field school and we are continuing to find a plethora of historic artifacts in our spider haven. My unit is in the low-ceilinged basement of the James Holliday house, a rewarding, though somewhat eerie, treasure chest of archaeological finds. The mummified spiders and “not-at-all-dangerous” asbestos pad […]

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Summer in Historic Annapolis

The past week of Field School has already taught me a few things. Working in Unit 24 at Schwar’s East next to Patrick’s Unit (read about it in his blog post below!), I’ve begun to understand how to properly excavate a site, a necessary archaeological skill that is difficult to understand in a classroom. However, […]


Summer 2012 Field School

It’s June again and that means the Archaeology in Annapolis Field School is up and running.  In addition to our students from the University of Maryland, College Park, we also have students from Morgan State, Johns Hopkins, UMBC, and Hood College.  Our students this summer come to us from anthropology, psychology, journalism, government and politics, […]

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Archaeology in Annapolis: Week 1 2012

Archaeology in Annapolis this year has 3 different locations and the Unit I’m in is Unit 25, in Schwar’s East. We are in the backyard of a home that the owners have graciously opened up. This backyard consists of an average brick patio which laid on top of a foundation made of sand. Because the […]

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