Unit 3 Characteristics So Far

Marbles from Unit 3

Marbles from Unit 3. Source: Kate Deeley

A lot of exciting things have been happening in the Archaeology in Annapolis field school for the past several days. My group has been assigned Unit 3 and so far has made some interesting discoveries even though it is still too early to draw conclusions regarding the information we have uncovered. Despite finding an immeasurable amount of coal and brick fragments, Unit 3 has yielded some peculiar artifacts, particularly glass marbles, 3 clear ones, 1 blue and 1 green. What is interesting about these marbles is that they were all found in level B and roughly close to each other. Although it is too soon to get excited about something like that, screening soil from other levels would give us more information about the relevance of the marbles and whether there are more find.

Another interesting development with Unit 3 is the presence of a possible feature that is situated well below level B. Initially, digging through Unit 3 was somewhat of a challenge since it is elevated on its Eastern side, thus proving challenging to keep the levels aligned when excavating. It is important, however, that everything remains equal and flat if we are to appropriately draw any conclusions from our finds. While getting to the bottom of level B, the team noticed that there is a large amount of reddish clay that covers much of the layer B. There are several soft spots of soil that are situated in the middle of the Unit and are very close to each other. Although this is just a speculation, it is possible that the soft spots are a remnant of postholes that were used in the construction of some sort of a feature. Again, this is just speculation, however further excavations into these soft spots and the Unit 3 in general would give us a better understanding of what was situated in the area of Unit 3 and what was its purpose. It is truly exciting to have a hands-on experience when attempting to answer such questions.


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