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Unit 5

Archaeology in Annapolis has been a blast this past week and a half. I’ve learned so much more about Archaeology and the process of Archaeology in the past week than AI thought I would ever know. There have been many quick adventures and learning curves; such as immediately breaking a shovel. On the first day. […]


The Construction of Urban Infrastructure and the Process of Governmentalization – Lecture by Prof. Matt Palus

Today, Prof. Matt Palus visited Annapolis and gave a lecture relating to his dissertation topic involving the use of infrastructure building by governments in order to organize the society to optimize its control and authority. Dr. Palus studied public utilities such as electrification, and enclosed sanitation within Annapolis and its surrounding suburb of Eastport.  Traditionally, […]


Unit 3 Characteristics So Far

A lot of exciting things have been happening in the Archaeology in Annapolis field school for the past several days. My group has been assigned Unit 3 and so far has made some interesting discoveries even though it is still too early to draw conclusions regarding the information we have uncovered. Despite finding an immeasurable […]