Welcome to Wye

Last Friday we finished back-filling our units and said goodbye two Annapolis for the summer. On Monday we made the trip out to rural Easton on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and began our excavations of the Wye House Plantation. Despite unfavorable weather in the afternoons of our first two days of working at this location we have settled in and picked up where former Archaeology in Annapolis students left off.

As my colleague Emily Bokelman explained in her blog post entitled “Wye House Plantation and Landscape Archaeology” the AiA program has visited this location for the past few summers and various units have already been excavated.  Coming to work at a site that had recent history of excavations was something new to us. In Annapolis, the first visit our program had made to that particular location was this summer. Therefore, our first step was to complete Phase I level archaeology at the site which means digging shovel test pits (STPs). The STPs, which were set up on a grid across the site, gave us insight as to where a concentration of artifacts existed and where we should complete further excavation with full units.  On the other hand, at Wye, the STPs had been dug long ago and our graduate students already have an idea of where the areas of interest at the site exist.

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