Race, Landscapes, and Ideologies

Our six weeks of digging will end tomorrow. Writing this is bittersweet. I’m sure everyone can agree that while we’ll miss our unit partners and field directors, we might not miss the odd t-shirt tans we all have. Actually, a few of us just might miss those too.

This has been a learning experience in the proper methodologies of excavation and processing artifacts, we’ve also been exposed to a wide range of intellectual insight. Unit 74 found a brick wall, which we believed to be part of the slave quarter we’ve been hoping to find. My unit partners and I are still a little excited about the pair of scissors we found, too. However, we’ve been doing a lot more than digging. Over this six week period, we’ve been responsible for reading and discussing articles, chapters, and papers by some of the most brilliant minds Historical Archaeology has to offer. We’ve followed a few of Dr. Leone’s writings as guidance to understanding the nuances of landscapes and ideologies which affect them. Our weekly discussions have run the gamut from landscape archaeology and foodways to ethics. Not only have we been taught to view objects differently, but we’ve been trained to think critically about the people those objects belonged to.

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