The Arbitrariness of Power

Here are some photos from the first week of field school. Lots of fun in hand.

Sifting dirt through a 1/4 inch mesh screen.

Using Munsell color system to determine soil color and a nice paper bag to collect artifacts.

Shovel Test Pit, screen, 5 gallon bucket, ruler, sheet of plastic, Munsell book, journal, pile of dirt

Soil sample from Shovel Test Pit (STP).

A brick or pottery sherd with lead glaze and arching score marks.

Returning after a hard day at the site.

I am intrigued by the idea behind Ferdinand de Saussure’s “the arbitrariness of the sign.”
These are some basic notes to myself.
What are the goals?

Surround sound.
We are watching each other.
You watch me while I watch you.

In field school this spring we are looking not only at power but the oppressed. In one of the articles for the first week’s reading we learned about Dr. Mark Leone’s idea surrounding his model of ideology. Leone’s ideology is a construct of ideas for a period of time, re-presenting a particular present time in the past. In this present it is simultaneously reproducing its past with all of what is good and bad as part of this snapshot. It is a package. In the colonial package we have the power structure, an economic system, bondage and freedom, capitalism and the birth of a wealthy and powerful state, let’s say Maryland, where the cost of production that produces this package in itself contains a puzzle and a problem.

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