Chasing the Rubble

Screening the rubble of unit 20. Source: Benjamin Skolnik

Having completed two weeks of excavation, now is a good point to reflect and see what I have learned so far during this years field school. I came into field school this year eager to put into practice what I had only been reading about for the past few years. So, I volunteered to dig at the James Holliday house after listening to what had been learned from last years field school and I was eager to participate in the new discoveries that would be learned this year.

I am a part of a group of three that is working in a 4’x5’ unit just off from the rear steps of the building. The rear steps are part of an addition that was added to the home in the early to mid 20th century. One of the beauties of excavation is that a unit will surprise, frustrate, and intrigue you all at the same time. Early in the excavation, last week, we uncovered what appeared to be the remnants from a brick pathway. Also, about six inches from the northern edge of our unit was a brick patio, that was atop a layer of hard packed sand, that was atop a concrete slab.

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