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A Hothouse Found

The greenhouse at the Wye House Plantation is known for being the only standing greenhouse from the 18th century in North America. When Archaeology in Annapolis began its excavations at Wye, particular attention was paid to this structure, at the request of the owners. My dissertation research has been focused on the greenhouse and gardens, […]


Photography and Archaeology

In addition to trowels and shovels and ¼ inch steel mesh screens, one of the most important pieces of equipment we carry with us into the field is a camera.  Not only do we use our camera to record and document the levels and features we excavate, we can use it as a tool for […]


What Happens to the Artifacts?

With the cataloging of the Annapolis sites almost completed, it is an ideal time to address the question of what happens to artifacts after we’ve completed our initial work. Many artifacts are kept in organized boxes, stored in the lab, as we’ve shown in previous posts. These are part of the Archaeology in Annapolis collection, […]

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Wye House: Unearthing History

Terpvision, the University of Maryland news program, has featured our Wye House excavations in a segment called Wye House: Unearthing History. Dr. Leone, Amanda Tang, Benjamin Skolnik, as well as undergraduate Sophia Chang, give informative interviews about the archaeological work. Watch the video, and let us know what you think!


A Candid Conversation

The following is the introduction to a chapter by Dr. Mark Leone in an upcoming volume Conversations Through Archaeology, edited by William Rathje, Michael Shanks, and Christopher Witmore. It is set to be published by Rutledge in 2012. 4. Mark Leone with William Rathje and Michael Shanks Mark Leone, Professor of Anthropology at the University […]


A Happy Lab

After a month-long hiatus, students are employed again in the lab with the work of washing artifacts so that they can be cataloged and analyzed. After the flurry of activity and discovery during excavations, lab work involves more methodical preparation before reporting findings, which unfortunately means a lack of compelling blog post material. The process […]