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What Happens to the Artifacts?

With the cataloging of the Annapolis sites almost completed, it is an ideal time to address the question of what happens to artifacts after we’ve completed our initial work. Many artifacts are kept in organized boxes, stored in the lab, as we’ve shown in previous posts. These are part of the Archaeology in Annapolis collection, […]

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FAQ About Archaeology: Part III

The Archaeology in Annapolis lab is currently occupied with student volunteers who are helping us wash the artifacts from this summer’s field school. We’ll discuss the laboratory process in our post next week for the Day of Archaeology, but for now, we’ll answer more frequently asked questions supplied by our archaeological colleagues. For other answered […]


Why are we digging where we are at Wye?

One of the questions I answered a few weeks ago was “How do you know where to dig?” That was my short answer. Since then, many people have specifically asked us, “How did you know where to find these quarters that you’re excavating this summer?” This is my long answer. Before we can know where […]


FAQ About Archaeology: Part II

We just wrapped up our second week of excavations here in Annapolis, so now is a good time to answer a few more frequently asked questions of archaeologists. How do you know where to dig? Digging holes takes a lot of time and work.  It is important to know where to dig before we start.  […]


FAQ About Archaeology: Part I

Given the misconceptions surrounding archaeology, we asked our colleagues and friends to help us generate frequently asked questions, and our usual responses as archaeologists. Are you looking for dinosaurs, rocks, and/or chests of gold? No. – Response by everyone Archaeologists are mostly concerned with artifacts, which are human-made or modified objects, or features like buildings. […]