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Week 3 in Annapolis

It is week 3 in downtown Historic Annapolis, and we have until Thursday to dig in our sites and then it is of to Wye House for the last 3 weeks of digging. Although many of the units are coming to sterile clay levels while their units come to a close, my unit (28) is […]


Understanding What’s Underground

After spending almost two weeks excavating in the James Holliday house, digging up countless household items, it’s easy to see that although generations span between us, modern day Marylanders are similar to their Annapolis ancestors.    As we slowly sift through the shards that once made up a family’s life, it becomes apparent what kind of […]

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The Basement: “Small Find Heaven”

It is week two at the Archaeology in Annapolis field school and we are continuing to find a plethora of historic artifacts in our spider haven. My unit is in the low-ceilinged basement of the James Holliday house, a rewarding, though somewhat eerie, treasure chest of archaeological finds. The mummified spiders and “not-at-all-dangerous” asbestos pad […]

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Annapolis in the Early 1900s: Filipino Immigrants

This post is written by future Archaeology in Annapolis graduate student Kathrina Aben: The week spent helping excavate the James Holliday house has been a wonderful opportunity to learn about early 20th century life in Annapolis. At the time, two minority groups lived in the city: African-Americans and Filipino immigrants. They each had their own […]

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James Holliday House Reflection

This post is written by field school student Laura Wright: Now that we’ve finished excavating at the James Holliday House, it’s interesting to look back over the past three weeks and consider how much has changed. We found a lot of curious artifacts as Aley explained in her post but what fascinated me most within […]


Week 3 Round-Up

Besides a lecture from Dr. Matt Palus on his archaeological work in Annapolis, this week saw the rallied push to the finish as we wrapped up in preparation to move to the Wye House on Monday. Archaeologists try to make it to the sterile level—where there are no more artifacts found—before closing up a site, […]


Unit 20 Foundation

For the past three weeks I have been excavating unit 20 at the James Holliday House in Annapolis. We had been digging through a large layer of rubble and what seemed like construction debris that may have been discarded during the construction of the addition to the Holliday house in 1950. Our unit seemed to […]


Holliday House Artifacts from Unit 19

As we near the close of our Holliday House excavation, it is a good time to reflect on some of the most interesting artifacts we found in Unit 19. I have chosen to talk about these artifacts because they are prime ways that we, as archaeologists, can look into the past and see how the […]


Chasing the Rubble

Having completed two weeks of excavation, now is a good point to reflect and see what I have learned so far during this years field school. I came into field school this year eager to put into practice what I had only been reading about for the past few years. So, I volunteered to dig […]

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