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Week 2 Round-Up

With the second week of field school, the weather got a little hotter, the units a little deeper, and the finds a little more exciting! In addition to continuing excavations, the students took another tour of Annapolis with Dr. Leone—this time of the Calvert Orangery excavation and the Maynard-Burgess House—and heard a lecture from Kate […]

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The James Holliday House and Family

To put our last post into context, I’ve put together a brief history of the James Holliday, his family and their property in Annapolis. The property on which the James Holliday sits was originally part of the land surveyed and designated for Governor Francis Nicholson in 1696. Between 1700 and 1850, the property changed hands […]


Week 1 Round-Up

The 2011 field school has successfully completed its first week. Students divided between two sites—the Pinkney House and the James Holliday House—in Annapolis and began their training as archaeologists, learning how to measure out an excavation unit, use a trowel, screen for artifacts, map, and record their process. Both sites are located on small private […]