Laboratory for Radiation and Polymer Science

Al-Sheikhly Lab Group, University of Maryland College Park

UMD to Host ICIP 2018 in Annapolis

This week, the Laboratory for Radiation and Polymer Science and the University of Maryland will host the 2nd International Conference on Ionizing Processes in Annapolis, Maryland. This conference follows in the footsteps of ICIP 2016, which was hosted in Upton, NY by Brookhaven National Laboratory. Dr. Travis Dietz, Kevin Mecadon, and Devyn Catterton will all be presenting posters at the conference. Dr. Eaman Karim will be presenting during the session, “Interfaces and Nuclear Applications,” on her work entitled, “Elucidation of the Mechanisms of Protons and Alpha Particles-Induced Damages on the Surface Region of 4H Silicon Carbide.”

More information on the conference can be found at .

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