Laboratory for Radiation and Polymer Science

Al-Sheikhly Lab Group, University of Maryland College Park


Selected publications in reverse chronological order:

39. Adamus-Wlodarczyk, A.; Wach, R.; Ulanski, P.; Rosiak, J.; Socka, M.; Tsinas, Z.; Al-Sheikhly, M.; Adamus-Wlodarczyk, A.; Wach, R. A.; Ulanski, P.; et al. On the Mechanisms of the Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Diblock and Random Copolymers of Poly(Lactic Acid) and Poly(Trimethylene Carbonate). Polymers 2018, 10 (6), 672.
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37. Postek, M. T.; Poster, D. L.; Vládar, A. E.; Driscoll, M. S.; LaVerne, J. A.; Tsinas, Z.; Al-Sheikhly, M. I. Ionizing Radiation Processing and Its Potential in Advancing Biorefining and Nanocellulose Composite Materials Manufacturing. Radiation Physics and Chemistry 2018, 143, 47–52.
36. Tsinas, Z.; Forster, A. L.; Al-Sheikhly, M. Oxidation Reactions in Kink Banded Regions of UHMMPE Fiber-Based Laminates Used in Body Armor: A Mechanistic Study. Polymer Degradation and Stability 2018, 154, 103–114.

35. Adamo, G., Grimaldi, N., Campora, S., Bulone, D., Bondì, M.L., Al-Sheikhly, M., Sabatino, M.A., Dispenza, C., & Ghersi, G., Multi-Functional Nanogels for Tumor Targeting and Redox-Sensitive Drug and siRNA Delivery. Molecules 21 (11), (2016).

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33. Lavelle, C.M., Coplan, M., Miller, E.C., Thompson, A., Vest, R., Yue, A., Koeth, T. Al-Sheikhly, M.,  & Clark, C., Demonstration of Neutron Detection Utilizing Open Cell Foam and Noble Gas Scintillation. Applied Physics Letters, 106, (2015).

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30. Gifford, I., Vreeland, W., Grdanovska, S., Burgett, E., Kalinich, J., Vergara, V., Wang, C-K C., Maimon, E., Poster, D., Al-Sheikhly, M., Targeted delivery of a boron-containing cholesteryl ester for high-LET particle induced damage of prostate cancer cells: a boron neutron capture therapy study. International Journal of Radiation Biology, 90 (6), 480-485 (2014).

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1. Kovacs, K., Wojnarovits, L., Kurucz, C., Al-Sheikhly, M., & McLaughlin, W.L., Large-Scale Dosimetry Using Dilute Methylene Blue Dye in Aqueous Solution. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 52, 539-542 (1998).

Books and Chapters:

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