Studio is What’s Happening

Architecture student works on a drawing in the Great Space during studio.

Architecture student works on a drawing in the Great Space during studio.

The School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation has a Flickr account with pictures from the various programs.  Most recently, we have documented activities in the studio sequence of the Architecture program.

Student 1.
a person formally engaged in learning, especially one enrolled in a school or college; pupil:


Workroom of an artist.

Is the artist always learning? Student and studio begin with the same 4 letters, but how related are they?

Presentation Method -Prezi

For Architects, Planners, Historic Preservationists, and Real Estate Developers, the Prezi format for presentations offers a flexible canvas for building your case, or explaining a topic, or presenting a thesis. It is not easier than Powerpoint, but rather, different. An image can become the framework for the entire presentation.
Start at
and register for an account.
Teachers and students – Register with your email address for the educational account – its Free! Use the Sign-up now button.
Use the LEARN and EXPLORE tabs to learn more about Prezi features.

Shows some good features of Prezi.
I will be giving an introductory tutorial on Prezi, on Monday October 31, at 12:15 in room 1111.

Presentation Method Powerpoint: Extract images, Compress Presentations

Although you are often building a powerpoint by adding images, occasionally, you want to extract images from a powerpoint presentation.  This particular post on this tech blog, explains just how to do it –
How to Extract Pictures from PowerPoint Photo Slideshow
Another issue is compressing a huge powerpoint so that it can be transported, or just to get it to run more efficiently. To start with, images in the Powerpoint should be jpegs, not tifs. Jpegs allow for compression, while tifs do not; therefore the tif files are much larger than the jpegs.
Both these weblinks take you to different blog posts written by the same person.

Palazzo del Te

My favorite image for this week is this detail of the Palazzo del Te. It comes from the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation’s Visual Resources Collection, and was taken by Professor Tom Schumacher, on one of his many visits there.  Tom was a fan of black and white film, and we had many discussions of pattern, contrast, and what can be revealed about composition once the color is removed.

This image is a nice study of black and white and gray, but it also reveals several of the many playful elements of the Palazzo del Te, designed by Guilio Romano, and constructed between 1524 and 1534.

Palazzo del Te, detail

Let’s Talk ARTstor

Let’s Talk – starting on Tuesday October 11th, the VRC will be conducting weekly conversations, demonstrations and collaborations focused on digital media, teaching tools, university resources and your suggestions.

We will start off with “How to Navigate Artstor – the Basics” On Tuesday 10/11 from 12 to 12:30, and again on Friday 10/14 from 12 to 12:30.  Please meet in 1115, the Media Lab.  Artstor has over 1 million images available for use in lectures and research.