Oral Communications – Prepare your Speech

Mid–semester reviews approach next week for Arch 401 and Arch 403.

Last week you all participated in an oral communications workshop.

Today I would like to review and reinforce the ideas of preparing your speech.


Speech Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Attention getter
    2. Orient your audience
  2. Central Idea – Purpose
  3. Body – remember broad to narrow specificity, and parallel structure for your speaking phrases
  4. Conclusion
    1. Summary
    2. Clincher


Let your drawings inform your outline. There should be an order to the drawings on the wall.

Remember that your audience is our faculty, maybe some invited guests, and your classmates. Include all of them.

Make eye contact as you speak, and smile once in a while.

Practice what you will say, even if it is in front of a mirror.

Good Luck.

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