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Have you ever tried to edit a pdf file, been frustrated by the impossibility of that, and ended up rebuilding the document in word or Indesign? How about saving a video from your phone and then trying to share it? Zamzar, a web-based file conversion tool for converting documents, music, images, and movie files, can help you out. This multi-file type conversion tool has been around for a few years and gets favorable reviews from both Wired and Lifehacker.


There is a free version, a basic version for $7, or a pro account for $16.  Zamzar’s free version does limit the size of the document that you can convert to 100 MB, and you then have to click on a link to get to the converted document, but it works!

I tested it by uploading a PDF which I wanted to convert to a word document. After  a few minutes, I received an email with a link to download the converted document. Amazingly, the formatting, including colors, was all there.

PDF document that I started with.

Converted document using Zamzar – a docx. Formatting stays the same.


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  1. PDF to docx conversion is tricky. I tried Zamzar as well, the had a couple of problems.

    – the output docx was notoriously big in size.
    – there was a delay in conversion

    There a couple of others I used and the one which gave me the best result was:

    PDF to Doc

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