Mar 30

Green_Building_Websites This list of websites deals with Sustainability Issues!  Click on the link to download the PDF. Some have a homeowner’s focus, while others talk about real estate values and real estate law with respect to green technologies in a building.  Still others may approach the topic from a City point of view.

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Jan 10

Happy New Year and welcome back to School.  Over the past few days I have been directed to some interesting websites, and I will share a couple with you here. The first one is an NPR story that addresses a change from the lecture style of teaching, the so-called “sage on the stage” to the […]

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Oct 19

Although you are often building a powerpoint by adding images, occasionally, you want to extract images from a powerpoint presentation.  This particular post on this tech blog, explains just how to do it – How to Extract Pictures from PowerPoint Photo Slideshow Another issue is compressing a huge powerpoint so that it can be transported, […]

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