Looking for Images?

Looking for Images? Do you need to make a presentation, or write a paper?

Did you know that you can find images in Artstor, save them in a group, export them straight to a ready-made Powerpoint, and also save citations if you need to use the image in a paper? That’s a handy dandy footnote already made for you.
Also, Artstor has great help documents and, Bonus: The University of Maryland Libraries subscribe to Artstor so you can set up an account with your umd.edu email address and have access to all these features.

Lets Get Started:
Go to Lib.umd.edu and select databases.

Library’s Databases webpage.

Type in Artstor in the search box. Click on Artstor.

You can register with your University email address and then search for images.

If you need a tutorial to help you get started contact Cindy in the VRC – cfrank@umd.edu. We can set up an appointment!

And remember that Artstor has help documents Here.

McKeldin Library Resources

Did you know that you can borrow a laptop and/or a laptop charger from McKeldin Library?

Did you know that you can borrow an iPad, various adaptors or noise reduction headphones?

That’s right, McKeldin Library has items to loan that help make studying with technology just a little easier. Click Here to view the website.

And if the VRC is out of cameras, you can borrow a Nikon L120 point and shoot camera from McKeldin as well.