May 08

During the architecture program masters thesis presentations, the issue of taking up space to be more powerful came up. Truly, stretching out, putting your shoulders back and chin up, puts you in a more powerful pose, and the act of maintaining a powerful pose actually causes you to behave more powerfully. For anyone making a […]

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May 01

Architecture students have to make presentations several times for each design studio course. Getting up in front of your professors, invited architects and even your peers can be stressful, raising your cortisol levels. However, social psychologist Amy Cuddy has done research that shows if a person adopts a powerful pose, even for just two minutes, […]

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Mar 04

Mid–semester reviews approach next week for Arch 401 and Arch 403. Last week you all participated in an oral communications workshop. Today I would like to review and reinforce the ideas of preparing your speech.   Speech Outline Introduction Attention getter Orient your audience Central Idea – Purpose Body – remember broad to narrow specificity, […]

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