Conversation: Bridging Divides

Bridging Divides on Campus

As students are returning for the spring semester, we at the Bahá’í Chair would like to warmly welcome you back to campus.

We are starting this semester with a new feature on our blog – Conversations with Professor Mahmoudi. These will feature students opinions and discussions on various topics with the Chair.

We hope you enjoy the first one and we want to thank all of the students who participated.




Samantha Ernst is an undergraduate student studying Public Health Science at the University of Maryland with a minor in Sustainability. She is interested in understanding more about how different environmental factors affect health and plans to attend medical school upon graduation.

img_3242-1Esther Kaufman is an undergraduate student studying Economics at the University of Maryland with a minor in Global Terrorism Studies.  She is interested in the effects of economic policy on issues such as equality, welfare and the radicalization of individuals in society.

Kanta Mendon is currently a junior, undergraduate student pursuing a double degree in Government & Politics and Criminology. Kanta is interested in international development, specifically human trafficking and would like to work in the non-profit sector.

Chika Okusogu is an undergraduate student studying nursing at the University of Maryland, with aspirations to become a nurse practitioner. Chika values all walks of life and seeks to combine his future career goals with his credo of sympathy.

Edwin A. Rodriguez is a senior at the University of Maryland, College Park. He is a Criminology and Criminal Justice major and a U.S. Latina/o Studies minor. His fields of interest include policing, Central American immigration, race and ethnicity, and social inequality. He intends to pursue a PhD in Ethnic Studies.

Vicky Yu is a curious undergraduate student currently pursuing two degrees in economics and statistics at the University of Maryland. She tries to integrate knowledge from a wide variety of different fields to craft her understanding. Her goal is to encourage people to think critically.

 Professor Hoda Mahmoudi holds the Bahá’í Chair for World Peace at the University of Maryland. Dr. Mahmoudi develops a sound scientific basis for knowledge and strategies that explore the role of social actors and structures in removing obstacles to peace and creating paths to a better world.

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