Lab Members

Research Associates and Post Docs

Udayakumar Kanniyappan

My research focuses focuses on early cancer detection using fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging of endogenous fluorophores in tissues. I also have experience in developing phantoms for calibrating Near infrared fluorescence (NIRF) imaging devices

Graduate Students

Qinggong Tong

Kim 2334

My research focuses on Fluorescence Laminar Optical Tomography (FLOT), and its application on brain functional imaging and tumor diagnosis. I have previously worked on OCT/fluorescence endoscopy, applying them for surgery guidance and tumor therapy monitoring.

Bohan Wang

Kim 2334

Research Interest: Machine Learning, Computer Aided Diagnosis, Medical Image Enhancement, Analysis and Reconstruction, Medical Imaging Instrumentations.

Yi Liu

Visiting Scholars

Rao Zhang

Kim 2334

My research focuses onĀ Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), and its application on bio-image recognition. I also have experience on micro OCT system and Laser Doppler Flowmeter.

Kai Nan

My research focuses on Bessel Beam transfers from Gaussian Beam. The Bessel Beam as light resource applies on scanning tissue to detect the cells.

Undergraduate Students

Hannah Horng

Research Interest: Cancer photoimmunotherapy, 2D and 3D fluorescence imaging

Jonathan Lin

Research Interest: Comparison of 2D and 3D fluorescence microscopy. Two channel fluorescence needle microscopy