Black Mirror Final Reflection

Before taking this class I have always heard how great the TV series Black Mirror is. Ever since then I had never got the chance to take the time and watch the TV series until I enrolled in this class. The first episode that I watched was The National Anthem. Throughout the episode it gave me a lot of mixed emotions because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. Since then I could not wait to watch another episode. In every episode it gave me the same type of mixed emotions as it did in the first episode. I was always on the edge of my seat figuring out what was going to happen next. Throughout this TV series I came to the realization of how these episodes reflect on our society today and what our society could turn into which was scary to think about. However, Black Mirror has showed me how technology has a massive impact on our society today. This includes positive and negative sides to technology. I felt like Black Mirror was giving us a glimpse of how technology is going to be in the future. Technology is becoming so advanced at a very fast pace, which can be good and bad. As we see in the episodes there is some good technology ahead for society, but there also is technology that should not be in our world.

Overall, I believe the director did a great job of keeping the same themes in each episode. I always saw some type of theme that reminded me of the episode before. As well the director showed how technology affects the lives of people. In each episode I watched there was always some type of issue going on. Which happened to be from some type of technology being used in the episode. The message I believe the director was trying to send to the viewers was how technology can ruin your life if it is not properly used right. I think the director did a great job of showing the good in technology as well. However, the director kept the viewers on theirs toes throughout every episode all the way till the end. I also believe at the end of each episode the director would make you think on what you would do if you were the main character in the episode. I know for myself my brain was going a million different directions and playing out so many scenarios on what to do if I was that person. I think the two main themes the director was hoping to portray at the end of each episode were a modern society and the affects of technology within a modern society.

This TV series was more than just a show, I believe it has prepared us for what could happen to our world in the future. It presents the audience extremely thought provoking themes. I think the direction we are going towards with technology as of now is leading up to these disasters we see in Black Mirror. However, this could be a good wake up call for society to realize what technology could do to our world. We are the only ones who are capable to make that decision.

ja412 • December 16, 2017

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