When I initially started watching Black Mirror i wasn’t to sure what to expect. The first episode was not the easiest to watch and thats when I knew this was no show I have watched before. The tech  gadgets used are immense. We continuously ask ourselves would we use the tech within each episode. If i was to take a strong stance I would decline each aspect of technology from Black Mirror. Black Mirror has a great way of showing you all of the abilities technology gives you without telling you about the bugs. Black Mirror is my nightmare for several reasons. The technology used in this series causes me anxiety. Black Mirror plays on the ability to continue to live far beyond your human capacity. In every episode we are watching someone die or try not to. That isn’t because general human actions lead to this, its because within Black Mirror we search for a utopia within a volcano of technology.

I started researching Black Mirror after i watched a few episodes. The technology used in the episodes is not to far from the future. VR, virtual reality is going to be the next wave of artificial intelligence. VR headsets allow the user to engulf themselves into the the game they  are playing. Technology has expanded, never ending which is why I feel we should restrain Black Mirror. Any implantations for the sake of being better or strong is indistinct. I truly found myself falling away from technology and questioning how much I really need it, I can’t imagine technology holding me because when I was younger I played outside. I don’t mean to go into the back when I was young rant, although we played outside for as long as we could. The worst thing my mother or father could do is tell me not to go outside that day.  That would hurt me to my core which is why I don’t understand why the younger generation is so tech loving. Technology should be a source for information not a highway for distractions.

Usually we have friends send us videos or snapchats of amazing things happening although how many times are people going out to do them? The world we live in today is cold. If you were to walk into a classroom right now you would see at least half the class on their phone once they walk into the room. I can’t believe how selfish we have all become not only with our time but with our technology. Social media is more about showing your life than actually living it. The most ridiculous thing I see is people at parties waving their snapchat around trying to show off a good time. Not only do I know of the ignorance they hold, but I know you aren’t really having fun. BlacK Mirror has only made me feel like we need to push technology away. The need for likes and comments to feel wanted is disgusting yet social media propels individuals to these platforms they are not ready for because of one video. That one video pushes to two and before you know it, you have crazy videos on WorldStar or Twitter. Black Mirror has allowed me to look at the crazy within individuals today. I put a cover over my camera on my MacBook not but a couple weeks into the class. This class has allowed me to think of the different ways technology can help us but also hurt us. If I had to choose, I would prefer to leave all of the black mirror technology behind. A great deal of the episodes glamorized death. Living is not something anyone should take fore granted. We all can find something or someone to hold us through the tension life builds. Black Mirror tends to trample on human relationships and emotion. It builds a world of cold calculated individuals who aren’t themselves because they want something from you. Well I guess it isn’t to different from the real world.

erusingi • December 16, 2017

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