Our paper “Inverted battery design as ion generator for interfacing with biosystems” is reported in the following media: Eedisignlt News, Chemical & Engineering News, The Indian Express,Nanowerk News,Newswise,Controlled EnvironmenMagzine,EETimes and many others.


Eedisignlt News, “Introducing The First Bio-Compatible Ion Current Battery”. An entirely new kind of battery has been invented by Hu’s group at the University of Maryland. (Chenwei Wang)

Chemical & Engineering News, “Backward battery delivers ions to cells”Thedevicecould lead to biosensors and implants to treat neurological disorders. (Chenwei Wang)

The Indian Express, “New type of bio-compatible battery invented by researchers”

Hu’s team have invented an entirely new kind of bio-compatible battery. It moves electrons around in the device to deliver energy that is a flow of ions. (Chenwei Wang)

New type of bio-compatible battery invented by researchers

Nanowerk News, “Engineers invent the first bio-compable, ion current battery”Hu’s team at the University of Maryland have inventedan entirely new kind of battery. It is bio-compable, because it producesthe same kind of electrical energy that the body uses. (Chenwei Wang)

Newswise,“Engineers Invent the First Bio-Compatible, Ion Current BatteryOne-of-a-kind device stores electrons”(Chenwei Wang)

Controlled EnvironmentsMagzines, “Engineers Invent the First Bio-compatible, Ion Current Battery” (Chenwei Wang)

EETimes, “Ions Power Machine-Human Interface Demo”-Inverted battery forms artificial synapse (Chenwei Wang)