Laboratory for Computational Research in Science and Technology

Welcome to the Laboratory for Computational Research in Science and Technology (CRSTLab)!  The laboratory was established in 2013 in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and is located at 2134 Glenn L. Martin Hall at the University of Maryland in College Park.  The mission of the lab is to develop and apply advanced methods of computing to solve problems at the so-called Frontiers of Computability in Science.  We work to illuminate answers to fundamental scientific problems through computing and theory.

Research Themes

  • Interest areas:
    • phonon mechanisms
    • application of machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches
    • energetic materials
    • physics and mechanics of material defects
    • high rate effects on material functionality
  • Methods we study:
    • computer-based learning approaches such as machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • atomic modeling methods such as classical molecular dynamics and statics, lattice-based approaches, quantum and electronic structure methods
    • material modeling approaches: microstructure modeling, composite materials
    • transport models: mesoscale and Boltzmann Transport
    • continuum-based modeling methods such as finite elements
  • Common themes:
    • Application of advanced computing, physics, and mathematics to understand problems of practical concern in engineering
    • computational methods for mechanics, physics, materials science, and computing
    • high performance computing
    • multiscale simulation
    • mesoscale and microstructure effects on materials