Present Members


Dan Elton

Dan Elton (delton at umd . edu) 2016 Ph.D. Stony Brook University
Dan works on applying machine learning to molecular and materials property prediction. His website is

Abdollah Bagheri ( is a Post-Doc studying on material defect analysis using phonon relations and also developing new materials.


Graduate Students

Jie “Michael” Peng (jiepeng at umd dot edu) is a PhD student working on electronic and phonon properties induced by TMDC folding.

Frank VanGessel ( is a PhD student working on computational methods for solving the anisotropic full Brillouin zone three dimensional phonon Boltzmann Transport Equation. The method is capable of capturing phonon mediated thermal transport at the nano and micro scale in a wide range of crystalline materials.


Efrem Perry (UMD, Summer 2017)  is an undergraduate student working on visualizing phonon dispersion volumes using data processing and visualization software.

Prospective graduate students are welcome to inquire about openings in the group.  Please review the admissions requirements for the department before doing so.


Former Members


Eunjeong Jeong (MS, 2017, now Major in ROK Air Force)

Joseph Andrews (Primary Advisor: Prof. Das, MS, 2016)

Rose Gallagher, nee Weisburgh (MS, 2016, now at


Rachel Flanagan (BS, 2016)


Mary Katie Cobb (Richard Montgomery High School, Summer 2017)

Stacey Wardenfelt (Stevenson Univ, Summer 2016)

Lalitha Madduri (Mt Hebron HS, Summer 2016)

David Nguyen (Richard Montgomery HS, Summer 2015)