Research Resources

To stage our calculations before committing to more difficult runs, we use a dedicated cluster for our lab.

  • Total of 544 cores/1088 threads
  • Login node
    • 48-thread 2-socket Xeon E5-2697v2 login node
    • Cuda-based GPU capability NVIDIA Quadro K5000
    • 128 GB ECC Ram
    • 2TB SSD NFS-mounted
    • 12TB HDD NFS-mounted
  • Compute nodes
    • 24-socket 960-thread Xeon E5-2698v4
    • 512 Gb per node ECC Ram DDR4-2400
    • 512GB SSD local scratch on each node
  • Storage
    • 80TB HDD Lustre filesystem with ZFS backend
    • Storage server 2xE5-2630v4 512GB ECC DDR4-2400
    • Metadata server 1xE5-2698v4 256GB ECC DDR4-2400
  • Infiniband (Mellanox) FDR 56 Gbps Switch w/ QSFP Interconnects
  • Software
    • Centos Linux
    • SLURM job management
    • Available Packages: Ganglia, Nagios, modules, Matlab, Mathematica, LAMMPS, GULP, Quantum Espresso, ANSYS, Parallel Studio, code development tools & libs, Jupyter, Atom, Spyder …

See Dr. Chung for more information.

We also work with University and State computing resources.