We perform fundamental research under the general theme of computability in problems that relate to mechanics, physics, chemistry, materials, and electronics. The topics are “multiscale” in nature and cut across many different academic disciplines.


Computational Phononics

At small scales in solids, thermal energy is carried by so-called phonons. Engineers can think of phonons as coordinated vibrations. Phonons are fundamental to all technologies, yet there is much that we do not yet understand.  Phonons can be both isotropic and anisotropic.  An isotropic material can be made anisotropic simply by changing its size.


Extremely Deformed Electronic and Thermal Materials

Materials can have a physical, chemical, and/or mechanical function.  What happens to that functionality when the material is subjected to extensive, potentially damaging, deformations?  Will the semiconductor still be a semiconductor?  Will heat and energy move through the material in the same way?  In this work, we are examining highly accurate electronic and phononic properties of materials that experience extensive and profound mechanical deformations.

Defect Phonons

This project develops new theoretical methods for determining the effect of defects on lattice properties.




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