ENME 392- Statistical Methods for Product and Process Development

Integrated statistical methodology for the improvement of products and processes in terms of performance, quality and cost. Designed experimentation. Statistical process control. Software application. Laboratory activities.

ENME 470- Finite Element Analysis

Basic concepts of the theory of the finite element methods.  Applications in solid mechanics and heat transfer.  Three software systems will be used to complete the homework assignments and team projects.  They are PTC Creo, SolidWorks and ANSYS, which are widely used by industry and by the research community.  The participating students will gain a good understanding of the science-based computational modeling methodology, and learn the skills essential to obtain numerical solutions to a variety of engineering problems.



ENME 674- Finite Element Methods

Theory and application of finite element methods for mechanical engineering problems such as stress analysis, thermal and fluid flow analysis, electromagnetic field analysis and coupled boundary-value problems for “smart” or “adaptive” structure applications, and stochastic finite element methods.