Berkshire After Buffett

I am quoted in this Wall Street Journal article (April 30, 2015) on Berkshire after Buffett:

Shareholders also say it is reassuring that some younger Berkshire executives are taking on additional responsibilities on Mr. Buffett’s watch. David Kass, a Berkshire shareholder and professor of finance at the University of Maryland, saidTed Weschler and Todd Combs, the two stock pickers Mr. Buffett hired a few years ago as part of his succession plan, have performed well for most of their time at Berkshire. The two also “have negotiated on behalf of Berkshire a lot of tax-advantaged transactions, and they are on the same page as Buffett,” he said. Mr. Combs, for instance, handled the complex deal last year involving the swapping of Procter & Gamble Co. shares owned by Berkshire for battery maker Duracell.

The entire article is available at:

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