Berkshire Invests $6 Billion in Japanese Trading Companies

I am quoted in this Bloomberg article:

“I think this is a definite signal that Berkshire is more likely to examine and pursue potential investments internationally,” David Kass, a professor of finance at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, said. “This could be the beginning of the tip of an iceberg. There could be many more investments such as this.” 
  While the bets are valued at more than $6 billion, they represent just a sliver, about 4%, of Berkshire’s total cash pile. But the wagers underscore that Buffett sees value in Japanese stocks, according to Kass. Berkshire’s investment comes as global investors have pulled $43 billion from Japanese stocks this year in favor of high-flying U.S. technology shares and other companies viewed as more resilient to economic turmoil.

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