Berkshire Hathaway to Invest in E.W. Scripps

In an E.W. Scripps press release yesterday, it was revealed that Berkshire Hathaway was planning to assist in the company’s $2.65 billion acquisition of ION Media:

Berkshire Hathaway investment highlights

  • Amount of preferred stock: $600 million
  • Dividends: 8% per year if paid in cash; 9% if deferred
  • Redemption: The preferred stock will have no maturity date but will be redeemable starting five years after issuance.
  • Warrant: Berkshire Hathaway to receive a warrant to purchase up to 23.1 million Scripps Class A shares at $13 per share. Berkshire may exercise the warrant at any time but no later than one year after all preferred stock has been redeemed.
  • Other considerations: While the preferred stock is outstanding, Scripps cannot issue a dividend or repurchase shares.
  • Governance: Berkshire Hathaway will not receive any board seats and will have no other governance rights.

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