Involving Learners

We instructional designers always try to identify the most effective ways to engage learners online when creating tutorials or learning objects. Yet, it’s too easy to create learning which falls into  the “information shoveling” type, a bunch of slides with audio added on top with no or minimal interaction between the learners and the content. Letting our ID mind run free with engagement strategies feels like a tough game sometimes.

Cathy Moore, an internationally recognized instructional designer, shares her answer to the question, “how do I design engaging learning?”.    The answer actually sounds simple: designing the learning in a way where your learners will enjoy exploring it as much as you enjoyed creating it.

So, the key word is “exploring” instead of “receiving”.  Let learners explore and experiment. Avoid the information dump and make our training learner-focused.

In her blog,  Cathy Moore shares some great engagement strategies including providing practice activities, and using a mini-scenario.  Do not push information out, and let learners pull information in instead. Check her blog out.

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How to really involve learners

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