I would like to share some e-books I read recently.

  • e-learning trends and predictions for 2017   EI-Design-eLearning-Trends-and-Predictions-for-2017-14ft6z5

    This list of eLearning trends and predictions is based on  how ideas evolved into trends in the last few years and ideas that are in practice today.  The author provides three lists

    1. What will continue to offer value (what has worked and delivered value in the recent past).
    2. Where we will see increased focus.
    3. What to watch out for in 2017.

The author compares the popular Disney princesses as e-learning issues. He also provides an action tip for each issue.

Check out this infographic 🙂

Gamification is hot new trend in e-learning industry and will continue to remain so according to the author of the first e-book listed above. This book  offers guidance for designing and implementing effective gamification initiatives. The author offers 22 best practices and the topics include identifying goals, game design, the role of leaderboards etc.

I hope you enjoy these books!

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