Quality Course Framework Online Tutorial

The Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence at the University of Utah has developed a Quality Course Framework Online Tutorial site that demonstrates the essential elements of a quality course and shows faculty how to design and develop a quality course.  https://utah.instructure.com/courses/33024

The tutorial specifies four phases in the course development process and six essential elements for a quality course. Detailed explanations are provided for each phase with examples, checklists, videos, and design templates.

This type of online tutorial presents numerous benefits for faculty. It provides faculty with a one-stop workshop on quality course development, accessible at the convenience of faculty’s own time and location. It also helps promote a culture of and best practices for quality teaching on campus.

When we saw UTAH’s site, we contemplated the creation of something similar for our faculty who uses ELMS to teach at UMD. After one year of development, we have come up with 5 Canvas courses, each focusing on key competencies required in content development, communication, collaboration, and assessments.

The interactive self-paced courses we have created not only serve as guides and resources for faculty’s efforts in designing ELMS courses, but also emulate the best practices that enhance quality course design. These courses are now available in Canvas Catalog.  Check them out. https://umd-dit.catalog.instructure.com/

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6 thoughts on “Quality Course Framework Online Tutorial”

  1. Hi Jun – Thank you for sharing the link to the course from the University of Utah. I did not know that they had created a course for instructors also. They have a lot of good content, but not much interaction. I feel that is most effective for the user to get hands-on experience with the principles being modeled in your tutorials. I like the logo that they developed. In one image, they captured the entire course development process.

  2. Hi Jun,
    Thanks for sharing the University Utah link for online course development. I like the overall concept and information. But I agree with Mary on the interaction part. There is a lot of script and no interactivity. I liked the graphics they have used to explain processes.


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