Job opportunities

Here we will periodically post job opportunities related to microbial ecology, microbiome, and metagenomics research:

  • A postdoctoral position is currently open in the lab of Jocelyne DiRuggiero in the Department of Biology at Johns Hopkins University.
    The DiRuggiero lab studies the genetic and functional diversity of microbial communities from extreme environments to identify the mechanisms that sustain biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. For more info, visit the lab website at
    The position is for an NSF-­‐funded project to identify the factors that govern the genetic and functional composition of endolithic microbial communities from arid and hyper-­‐ arid ecosystems. More specifically, the project sought to (1) identify the stochastic and deterministic processes that influence community assemblages and (2) to determine the genetic diversity and molecular adaptations of phototrophs and how they relate to the local environment, biogeography, and ecosystem functioning. The study uses a large-­‐ scale interdisciplinary approach that combines field measurements, geological analyses, microscopy, culturing, and high-­‐throughput molecular methods (metagenomics and single-­‐cell sequencing).
    Qualified candidates will be enthusiastic, highly motivated, and will possess a demonstrable understanding of bioinformatics and computational biology with a background in molecular biology and/or microbial ecology. The candidate will have a doctoral degree in Genetics, Biology, Microbiology, Computer Science or a related field. Programming and statistical skills in languages such as Perl, Python, and R, though not essential, are a plus.
    Please send your CV, a brief statement of research interests and career goals,  and contact information for three references to Jocelyne DiRuggiero at