Report on the 2019 M3 meeting on Predictions and the Microbiome

In January, we met on the Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University for a meeting focused on predictions in microbiome science. More details about the event are available here: . The meeting brought together over 130 scientists who participated in a day packed with scientific presentations and active discussions about the current state and future of predictive approaches in microbiome studies.  A report summarizing the meeting is available here: M3_brochure_report_2019_final-1zwt9k3 .  We are also preparing a manuscript summarizing the key findings of the discussions that took place in the breakout sessions.

Save the date: January 9-10, 2019 M3 meeting on Prediction and the Microbiome

Our next M3 meeting will take place on January 9, 2019, followed by a workshop on taxonomic annotation on January 10, 2019.  Both events will take place in Baltimore, MD on the Homewood Campus of Johns Hopkins University.  More details will be available here:

M3 inaugural meeting took place November 1-2, 2016

The inaugural M3 workshop and conference took place on November 1-2 in College Park, MD.

The workshop was sold out with over 60 people expressing interest.

The conference featured keynote presentations by Maria Giovanni (NIH/NIAID) and Julie Segré (NIH/NHGRI) and attracted over 80 participants from ~20 different institutions.

A report describing the event is available here: m3_workshop_november_2016