Conference agenda

Fall 2016 M3 Final Conference Agenda

 9:00 to   9:15: Welcome to M3

 9:15 to 10:00: M3 Opening Keynote

                          Dr. Maria Giovanni (NIH/NIAID)

10:00 to 10:15: Coffee break

10:15 to 11:15: Lightning talk session #1 (Methods-driven)

10:15 to 10:25: Improving TIPP as a method for estimating abundance profiles and taxon identification (T. Warnow, N. Nguyen, S. Mirarab, M. Pop, E. Molloy and M. Nute)

10:25 to 10:35: Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Calibration of Subsequence Protein Profile HMMs for Application to Unassembled  Shotgun Metagenome Data (J. Selengut)

10:35 to 10:45: PECAN- a fast clustering-independent 16S rRNA gene sequences taxonomic assignment tool. (J. Holm, P. Gajer and J. Ravel)

10:45 to 10:55: EFILTER: A Method for Identifying Potentially Anomalous Taxa in Metagenomics Samples (S. Bewick and W. Fagan).

10:55 to 11:05: Microbial metrology for metagenomics (J. Kralj, S. Forry, N. Olson and S. Jackson)

11:05 to 11:15: Discussion

11:15 to 11:45: Coffee Break

11:45 to 12:45: Lightning talk session #2 (Data-driven)

11:45 to 11:55: Rapid, Accurate, and Actionable Identification of Pathogenic and Commensal Microorganisms, Antibiotic Resistance Profiles, and Virulence Factors from Metagenomic Samples. (K. Moffat, P. Subramanian, N. Hasan, C. Mason and R. Colwell).

11:55 to 12:05: Plasmid dynamics during long-term colonization with blaKPC-positive Klebsiella pneumoniae (S. Conlan, M. Park, C. Deming, P. Thomas, A. Young, H. Coleman, C. Sison, Nisc Comparative Sequencing Program, R. Weingarten, A. Lau, J. Dekker, T. Palmore, K. Frank and J. Segre)

12:05 to 12:15: Microbial community composition and function in the Tonga Trench: from 400m below the sea surface to 9100m water depth and from 0 to 2 m below the seafloor. (R. León-Zayas, J. Biddle and D. Bartlett)

12:15 to 12:25:  Identifying Scales of Diversity in Atacama Desert Microbial Communities. (G. Uritskiy, M. Dailey, D. Gelsinger, J. Taylor and J. Diruggiero)

12:25 to 12:35: The gut microbiota regulates murine cardiac transplant outcome (L. Hittle, C. Colin Brinkman, W. Florian Fricke, J. Bromberg and E. Mongodin)

12:35 to 12:45: Discussion

12:45 to 1:30: Lunch

 1:30 to 2:00: CONSERVE: A Center of Excellence at the Nexus of        

   Sustainable Water Reuse, Food and Health

   Dr. Amy Sapkota (UMD/MIAEH)

 2:00 to 3:30: Breakout Session (Topic: Biosurveillance)

2:00 to 2:15: Table assignments and M3 game!

2:15 to 2:30: The rise of a digital immune system

                Dr. Adam Phillippy (NIH/NHGRI)

2:30 to 2:40  Session kick-off

2:40 to 3:20: Breakout discussion

3:20 to 3:40: Coffee Break

3:40 to 4:00: Session wrap-up

4:00 to 4:45: M3 Closing Keynote

                     Dr. Julie Segre ( NIH/NHGRI)

4:45 to 5:00: Conclusion/Wrap up

5:00 to 6:00: Poster session (Beer & Wine reception)

6:30 to 8:30: Dinner at Adele’s Restaurant