• ASM Microbe: link
  • Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomics (2016): link

Education/Teaching resources:

  • Gut Check: Exploring your Microbiome (coursera¬†course taught by Rob Knight,¬†Jessica Metcalf, and Katherine Amato): link

Funding opportunities

  • NIH/Human Microbiome Project: link
  • Whitehouse Microbiome Initiative: link


  • Rebalancing The Ecosystem Of ‘The Microbes Within Us (Ed Yong, NPR broadcast on Fresh Air): link
  • The Tree of Life (Prof Jonathan Eisen, blog): link


  • NIH Human Microbiome Project: link
  • NIH Human Microbiome Project 2: link
  • MetaHIT: link
  • MyNewGut: link

Scientific Journals

  • Human Microbiome Journal (Elsevier): link
  • ISME: link
  • Microbiome (BMC): link