Update on 2019 104(G) Schedule

USGS has received approval to proceed with the February 15 deadline for submitting 104g research pre-proposals to the State Institutes (Maryland Water Resources Research Center for Maryland institutions). The final RFP is not yet available on grants.gov. Please use the linked  draft RFP as a guide for assembling your pre-proposal. Note that the pre-proposals are not submitted to grants.gov; they are collected by the State Institutes. Please email your pre-proposal to Dr. Kaye Brubaker (kbru<“at”>umd.edu) before 5:00 p.m. EST on February 15, 2019, with a subject line clearly identifying your message as a 104(g) pre-proposal.

Note: Pre-proposals do not include detailed budget information; therefore, they do not need to be endorsed/executed by the PI’s Office of Research/Sponsored Programs*. You are asked to provide estimated budget, matching funds, and project duration.

*Note: Although the MWRRC does not require it at this stage, some institutions require review of the pre-proposal by their Office of Research/Sponsored Programs — in particular, to authorize matching funds. Each PI should check with their respective Office.



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