About PAD

The Public Address Division is one of the oldest and largest divisions in NCA. Its members employ various analytical methods, including historical, descriptive, rhetorical, textual, and institutional critiques, as they examine the symbols that serve both to express and to shape public cultures. Scholarship in the division often leads to theoretical insight about the nature of public discourse at the same time as it enhances our understanding of particular discourses, rhetors or social movements. Despite the variety of critical perspectives, members of the division share a concern for the relationship between “text” and “context,” the object of study and its scene.

PAD Officers

 Stuckey Mary37.JPG  


Mary Stuckey, Georgia State University


Vice Chair

Karrin Vasby Anderson, Colorado State University


Vice Chair-Elect

Leah Ceccarelli, University of Washington



Cindy Koenig Richards, Willamette University


Immediate Past Chair

Angela Ray, Northwestern University


Marie Hochmuth Nichols Award Committee:

  • Angela Ray, Northwestern University (Chair)
  • Jeff Bennett, University of Iowa
  • Sue Zaeske, University of Wisconsin

PAD Nominating Committee:

  • Nate Stormer, University of Maine (Chair)
  • Jennifer Abbott, Wabash College
  • Tasha Dubriwny, Texas A&M University
  • Robin Jensen, University of Utah
  • Sara VanderHaagen, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Benson-Campbell Award Committee

  • Joshua Gunn, University of Texas (one-year term)
  • Shawn J. Parry-Giles, University of Maryland (two-year term)
  • John Murphy, University of Illinois (three-year term)


Past PAD Chairs:

1972, Robert L. Scott
1973, Jerry Hendrix
1974, Barbara Harris
1975, James R. Andrews
1976, Michael R. Hagan
1977, Wil Linkugel
1978, Carl Kell
1979, John F. Wilson
1980, Bruce E. Gronbeck
1981, Cal M. Logue
1982, Michael C. McGee
1983, Michael McGuire
1984, Roderick Hart
1985, Raymie McKerrow
1986, Kurt Ritter
1987, Judith Trent
1988, Michael Leff
1989, Kathleen Turner
1990, Robert L. Ivie
1991, Christine Oravec
1992, Carol Jablonski
1993, David Henry
1994, Martin J. Medhurst
1995, John C. Hammerback
1996, John L. Lucaites
1997, Carolyn Calloway-Thomas
1998, Suzanne Daughton
1999, Mary L. Kahl
2000, Susan Zaeske
2001, Richard J. Jensen
2002, Karen Rasmussen
2003, James Darsey
2004, Shawn J. Parry-Giles
2005, Amy Slagell
2006, Susan Schultz Huxman
2007, Lisa Hogan
2008, Lester Olson
2009, Charles E. Morris III
2010, Mari Boor Tonn
2011, Kirt Wilson
2012, Angela Ray