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November 2018

The dissertation of former NEXTOR/MIT Ph.D. student, Chiwei Yan, received two awards, the 2018 INFORMS Aviation Applications Section Best Dissertation Award, and honorable mention in the 2018 INFORMS TSL Dissertation Prize Competition. His thesis, “Airline scheduling and air traffic control: incorporating uncertainty and passenger and airline preferences,” was supervised by Cindy Barnhart and Vikrant Vaze. The award was presented at the 2018 INFORMS Annual Meeting in November 2018.

October 2018

The NEXTOR II Consortium presented an all-day aviation operations research symposium at Federal Aviation Administration headquarters in Washington, D.C., on Friday, Oct. 26. Presentations came from all NEXTOR schools, including George Mason, Georgia Tech, MIT, Ohio State, Purdue, UC Berkeley, Virginia Tech and the University of Maryland. | News story | Symposium schedule and presentations |

June 2018

Alex Estes, Dave Lovell, and Michael Ball received the Best Paper Award in the Network Management Track, at the 2018 ICRAT Meeting in June 2018 for their paper, “Selecting Parameters in Performance-Based Ground Delay Program Planning.”

Also at the 2018 ICRAT Meeting, Yulin Liu, Mark Hansen, Dave Lovell, and Michael Ball received the Best Paper Award in the Trajectory Optimization Track, for their paper “Predicting Aircraft Trajectory Choice – A Nominal Route Approach.”

October 2017

Alexandre Jaquillat and Amedeo Odoni received the 2017 INFORMS TSL Best Paper Award for their paper, “An Integrated Scheduling and Operations Approach to Airport Congestion Mitigation.” The award was presented at the 2017 INFORMS Annual Meeting in October 2017.

June 2017

Alex Estes, Michael Ball and David Lovell received the Award for Best Paper in the Performance Measurement and Management Track at the 12th USA/Europe 2017 ATM R&D Seminar in June 2017 for their paper, “Predicting Performance of Ground Delay Programs.”

“Service Level Expectation Setting for Air Traffic Flow Management” also was a paper presented at the 12th USA/Europe Air Traffic Management Research and Development Seminar. | View |

September 2016

NEXTOR celebrated 20 years of aviation operations research at a workshop held in College Park at the end of September. The event brought together well over 100 faculty and present and former students as well as sponsors and industry partners. | Learn more |

June 2016

George Mason University doctoral student Seungwon Noh receives Best Paper Award in the Safety & Human Performance Track at the International Conference on Research in Air Transportation (ICRAT), for his paper, “Application of common cause failure methodology to aviation safety assessment model.”

May 2015

The 2015 NEXTOR Research Symposium was held at the FAA Quesada Auditorium in Washington, DC on May 28, 2015. The symposium featured remarks by Dave Chin, NEXTOR Program Director; Michael Huerta, FAA Administrator; and Professor Michael Ball, University of Maryland. The program featured research presentations highlighting recent results from studies conducted by NEXTOR universities. | Learn more |

February 2015

The workshop “Global Challenges to Improve Air Navigation Performance” brought together decision makers, scholars, and stakeholders from the USA, Europe, and a host of other countries interested in modeling, measuring, and managing the strategic and operational performance of airspace systems around the globe. | Learn more |

June 2014

NEXTOR II faculty and students won two best paper awards at the 6th International Conference on Research in Air Transportation (ICRAT), held in Istanbul, Turkey in June, 2014. Alyona Michel and Peter Pelobaba from MIT won for Exchanging Values of Unsold Seats with Airline Alliance Partners in a Competitive Environment, Best Paper in the Economics & Policy / Airline Operations track. James Jones, David Lovell, and Michael Ball from the University of Maryland won for An Equitable Approach for Transferring Terminal Delay with En Route Speed Control, Best Paper in the Network Management track.

June 2011

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved a new seven-year contract with an eight-university consortium for NEXTOR II, a research program focused on aviation operations research. NEXTOR II will extend and expand the work of the original National Center of Excellence for Aviation Operations Research (NEXTOR). | Learn more |

September 2007

NEXTOR receives  a two-year, $1.04 million grant from NASA to evaluate methods of relieving the nation’s overburdened aviation system through improvements to its air traffic control system. | Learn more |

August 2005

Three papers by NEXTOR authors won Best Paper Awards at the Air Traffic Management (ATM) R&D seminar in Baltimore | Learn more |

March 2000

The National Center of Excellence for Aviation Operations Research (NEXTOR) is part of the Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) team chosen as one of the two winning contractors on the “Air Traffic Management System, Development, and Integration” solicitation awarded by the NASA Ames Research Center. | Learn more |