1998 NEXTOR Research Symposium

The National Center of Excellence for Aviation Operations Research (NEXTOR) held its Second Annual Research Symposium on December 10, 1998 at the FAA Headquarters Building in Washington, DC. The symposium marked the completion of the second year of research by the Center of Excellence and presented some of the highlights of the past year’s work in the areas of safety and security, collaborative decision making, air traffic management, and NAS simulation and communications. | View the agenda |

Welcome and Introductions Michael Ball, University of Maryland
Session I: Safety and Security
Positive Passenger Baggage Match
World Aviation Safety Data Arnold Barnett, MIT
Development of System Safety Performance Measures in Support of GAIN Geoffrey Gosling, University of California, Berkeley
Session II: Collaborative Decision Making
CDM Benefits Analysis Michael Ball, University of Maryland
Technology Background for the Initial CDM Implementation
NEXTOR CDM Research Directions Amedeo Odoni, MIT
Session III: Fundamental Research in Air Traffic Management
Assessing the Impact of Aviation on the Economy David Gillen, University of California, Berkeley
Airport Capacity, Airport Delay, and Airline Service Supply: The Case of DFW Mark Hansen, University of California, Berkeley
NAS Agents John Paul Clarke
NAS Agent Behavior Amedeo Odoni, MIT
The Multi-User Optimized Traffic Flow Problem Jennifer Goodhart
Sample Decision Support: ATM Projects Antonio Trani, Virginia Tech
NAS Simulation and Communications
Integration of Reusable Launch Vehicles into the Air Traffic Management System Antonio Trani, Virginia Tech; James Kuchar, MIT
The Use of LEO/MEO Satellite Systems for Aeronautical Communications Michael Ball, University of Maryland
Analysis of Aircraft Separations and Collision Risk Modeling Antonio Trani, Virginia Tech