2004 NEXTOR Workshop on Government, the Airline Industry and the Flying Public: a New Way of Doing Business

This workshop was held at the Wye River Conference Center in Queenstown, Md., from June 21-23, 2004.

Workshop Introduction
Introductions and Overview of Workshop Mike Ball, University of Maryland
FAA Introductory Remarks Wilson Felder, FAA
Recent Airline Industry Trends John Hansman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Revenue Generation Models for Air Traffic Service Providers and Airport Operators I
Chair: Mark Hansen, University of California, Berkeley
Revenue and Funding Sources Nan Shellabarger, FAA
ATC Costs, Slot Auctions and Efficiency Frank Berardino, Gellman Research Associates
Revenue Generation Models for Air Traffic Service Providers and Airport Operators II
Challenges and Opportunities for Implementing Revenue Generation Models for Air Traffic Service Providers at Airports Jim Crites, DFW Airport
The Impact of Infrastructure-Related Taxes and Fees on Domestic Airline Fares Joakim Karlsson, Daniel Webster College
Discussion Mark Hansen, University of California Berkeley; Joe Kile, General Accounting Office; Dres Zellweger, Joint Program Development Office & NASA
Dinner Speaker
Avner Schneur, Emptoris
Industry Business Models
Chair: Pete Kostiuk, Logistics Management Institute
Four Billion and Counting: Restructuring at the World’s Biggest Airline Scott Nason, American Airlines
JetBlue: People, Leadership, and the Future Al Spain, JetBlue
National Business Aviation Association Pete West, NBAA
Discussion Pete Kostiuk, Logistics Management Institute; Ilhan Ince, USAirways; Scott Shatzer, Bombardier FlexJet
Aviation Operations
Chair: Dave Knorr, FAA
Capacity and Demand: What It Means to Air Traffic Flow Managers Jack Kies, FAA
Slot Property Rights and Aviation Operations Mike Ball, University of Maryland
Delta Airlines presentation Bill Wangerien, Delta Airlines
Discussion Dave Knorr, FAA; Roger Beatty, American Airlines; Linda MacAskill, Bombardier FlexJet
Perspectives on Market Mechanisms
Chair: Karla Hoffman, GMU
The Pros and Cons of Market-based Allocation Peter Cramton, University of Maryland
Market Mechanisms to Redevelop Encumbered Resources Evan Kwerel, FCC
Slot Auctions for LaGuardia in 2006: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Chair: Jeffrey Warff, FAA
Capacity Management at LaGuardia Sharon Pinkerton, FAA
Questions and Issues Arising in the Design of an Auction Karla Hoffman, George Mason University
Discussion Mike Ball, University of Maryland; George Donohue, George Mason University; Jeffrey Wharff, FAA
Ongoing Research on Market Mechanisms for Aviation
Chair: Peter Cramton, University of Maryland
Dynamic Airline Slot Exchange during Ground Delay Programs Thomas Vossen, University of Colorado
Building a Prototype of an Iterative Combinatorial Exchange David Parkes, Harvard University
Network Load Balancing Using Auction-Based Slot Allocation George Donohue, George Mason University
A Multi-Phase Iterative Combinatorial Auction for Airport Landing Slots Raghu Raghavan, University of Maryland
Panel Discussion: Next Steps for Industry and for Aviation Policy
Chair: George Donohue, George Mason University
Panelists Jim Crites, DFW Airport; Evan Kwerel, FCC; Steve Martin, General Accounting Office; Scott Nason, American Airlines; Sharon Pinkerton, FAA; Al Spain, JetBlue