2004: Moving Metrics: A Performance-Oriented View of the Aviation Infrastructure Conference

Moving Metrics: A Performance-Oriented View of the Aviation Infrastructure, was held January 27–30, 2004 at the Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, Calif.

This conference brought together academic researchers, consultants, users, and government officials to consider technical and organizational aspects of the FAA’s transition toward a performance-based organization. In a series of plenary sessions, participants engaged in discussion and gave formal presentations on key dimensions of aviation infrastructure performance, including:
• the latest thinking on how performance should be conceptualized, defined, and measured;
• ongoing initiatives to improve performance;
• performance trends; and
• comparisons with non-aviation sectors.

Much of the program was organized in terms of key dimensions of performance, including safety, capacity and delay, predictability, efficiency and productivity, and end-user metrics. The conference presented opportunities for those specializing in various dimensions of performance to exchange ideas and information. Participants left the conference with a broader perspective on how their own programs and work contribute to and affect the performance of the National Airspace System, new insights on how these contributions can be measured and documented, recognition of near- and longer-term opportunities for improving NAS performance, and heightened awareness of their participation in a challenging, vast, and vitally important enterprise.

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Policy and Organizational Context
Creating a Performance Based ATO in the FAA Wilson N. Felder, ATO Transition Team
Safety I
Effectiveness Analysis for ASDE-X in the Absence of Historical Data Marc Rose, MCR Federal Inc.
The Mother Metric? FAA’s New Safety Index Arnold Barnett, MIT
Safety II
An Analysis of Historical Aviation Accident Data Nastaran Coleman, FAA
Terminal Area Arrival PDF Metrics for the Modeling of the Safety John Shortle, Y.Xie, and G. Donohue, George Mason University
The Safety of Efficiency Yu Zhang, Mark Hansen, UC Berkeley
Flexibility Predictability
Demand Uncertainty in Ground Delay Programs Thomas Vossen, University of Colorado, Boulder
Flexibility and Predictability in Management of Convective Weather Impacts on the NAS Jim Evans, MIT
Estimating Avoidable Delay in the NAS Bala Chandran, Avijit Mukherjee, Mark Hansen, and Jim Evans,UC Berkeley
Capacity and Delay I
Temporal Deviations from Flight Plans Professor Tom Willemain, Dr. Natasha Yakovchuk, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Capacity Utilization Metrics Revisited Mark Hansen, Chieh-Yu Hsiao, UC Berkeley
Beyond OPSNET: NAS Performance Metrics for the 21st Century Ken Lamon, MITRE
Measuring Terminal Area Performance Dave Knorr, Ed Meyer, Dan Murphy, Mike Bennett, James Bonn, and Antoine Charles
Capacity and Delay II
Free Flight En Route Metrics Mike Bennett, CNA Corp.
Metrics/Benefits for Thunderstorm Delay Mitigation Jim Evans, MIT
Models for The National Airspace System Infrastructure Performance and Investment Analysis Jasenka Rakas, Wanjira Jirajaruporn, Helen Yin, and Mark Hansen, UC Berkeley
Spatial & Temporal Distribution Metrics for Airspace Design with a Complexity Constraint Arash Yousefi, George L. Donohue, GMU
Equity and Efficiency
ATRS Global Airport Performance Benchmarking Report Tae Oum, UBC
Measuring the Business of the NAS Richard Golaszewski, Gellman Research Associates
Equity and Equity Metrics in Air Traffic Flow Management Michael O. Ball, UMCP
Equity and Efficiency in Search of Metrics A. Kanafani, W.J. Dunlay, M.R. Ohsfeldt
End-User Metrics
Air Transportation System Customers Metrics Herman A. Rediess, Federal Aviation Administration
Have FAA-Industry Windshear Investments Been Effective? David Chin, Federal Aviation Administration; Linda Lau, Cornell University
Performance Metrics for Oceanic Air Traffic Management Michele Merkle, Federal Aviation Administration
Airline Perspective
Impact of Aircraft Size and Service Frequency on Airlines’ Demand and Market Share Wenbin Wei, San Jose State University; Mark Hansen, UC Berkeley
Measuring Uncertainty: A Core Problem of TFM Roger Beatty, American Airlines SOC
Managing And Understand the Impact of the Air Traffic System: United Airline’s Perspective Pat Oldfield, United Airline
Conference Wrap-up
Bill Dunlay, UC Berkeley