2005 National Airspace System Infrastructure Management Conference

The National Airspace System Infrastructure Management Conference was held Sept. 9, 2005 at the National Academies Keck Center in Washington, D.C.

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Session 1: NAS Infrastructure Management
Moderator: Jasenka Rakas, UC Berkeley
NAS Infrastructure Management En Route & Oceanic Mike Gough, FAA ATO Enroute Services
ATO—Terminal Tom Skiles, FAA ATO Terminal Services
NAS Infrastructure Management ATO Technical Operations Juaida Norrell, FAA ATO Technical Operations
Infrastructure and Evolution Bill Tretter, FAA ATO Technical Operations
Session 2: NAS Infrastructure Security
Moderator: William Tippin, Jacobs Facilities, Inc.
NAS Facility Security: Protecting People, Assets, Mission Christopher Connell, FAA Office of Internal Security
Air Traffic Operations Information Assurance Steven Carver, FAA ATO Technical Operations
An Overview of Operational Issues in Airport Security – A Level of Service Perspective Cenk Tunasar, TransSolutions
Lunch speaker
Is it Safe? Arnold Barnett, MIT
Session 3: Management of Non-Aviation Infrastructure: The State of the Art
Moderator: Mark Hansen, UC Berkeley
Framework and Methods for Infrastructure Management Samer Madanat, University of California, Berkeley
Infrastructure Deterioration: Stochastic Duration Models and the Incorporation of Explanatory Variables Rabi Mishalani, Ohio State University
Analysis Methods for Inland Waterways Paul Schonfeld, University of Maryland
Maintenance Management of Infrastructure Networks: Issues and Modeling Approach Kamal Golabi, Optima, Inc.
Session 4: Economic Realities of NAS Infrastructure Cost
Moderator: Samer Madanat, UC Berkeley
Making the Business Case for NAS Modernization: A Step beyond Benefit-Cost Analysis Rich Golaszewski, GRA, Inc.
The Transition to NGATS Promises FAA savings IF… Frank Frisbie, Apptis
Session 5: NAS Transition to New Concepts and Management of the Future
Communications and Automation Transformation Challenges for the Future Air Transportation System Reza Eftekari, MITRE, CAASD
Modernizing the NAS Surveillance and Navigation Infrastructures David Hamrick, MITRE, CAASD
Session 6: Concluding Remarks
Gerald Thompson, Jerry Thompson and Associates
Jasenka Rakas, UC Berkeley and Jack Nager, FAA