2006 National Aerospace System Performance Workshop

The National Airspace System Performance Workshop was held March 14-17, 2006, at the Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, Calif.
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Pre-conference dinner
International Leadership: Measuring Progress on a Global Scale Victoria Cox, Acting Vice President, ATO Operations Planning Services, FAA
Session 1: Policy and Organizational Context
ATO: Moving Toward a Performance-Based Organization Wilson Felder, FAA
FAA: ATO FY 2007 Business Outlook (not available) Dave Chin, FAA
Policy Challenges (paper) Annalisa Weigel, MIT
Session 2: State of the FAA ATO
Renewing the Controller Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities John Hansman, MIT
State of the NAS Infrastructure Jasenka Rakas, UCB
Session 3a: Operational Performance I
NAS Operational Analysis and Challenges for Modeling the Future Dave Knorr, FAA
NAS/ATM Performance Indexes Sasha Klein, GMU
An Airline’s Block Time Manipulation within a Congested Air Traffic Environment Patrick Oldfield, UAL
Modeling Delays and Cancellations in the NAS Avijit Mukherjee, UMD
NAS Performance Evaluation Experiments George Hunter, SENSIS
Session 3b: Operational Performance II
Proposed Performance Metrics: Scheduled Block Time & Predictability Marc Rose, MCR, LLC
Modeling Delays and Cancellations for Collaborative Strategic Planning Dave Lovell, UMD
System Performance and Convective Weather | movie | Ken Lamon, MITRE
Analysis of Passenger Delays Michael Ball, UMD
Bayesian Networks for Estimation of Delay Propagation and Cancellation in the NAS Chun-Hung Chen, GMU
Session 3c: Operational Performance III
Relationship between Weather, Traffic, and Delay based on Empirical Methods Banavar Sridhar, NASA
Panel on Oceanic Performance Measurement
| Mondoloni | Guy | Chamness |
Kevin Chamness, FAA; Rebecca Guy, FAA; Stephane Mondoloni, CSSI, Inc.
Session 4a: System Capacity I
Analysis of Aircraft Headway Data to Determine Airport Capacities Yu Zhang, UCB
Achieving Near-term Capacity Gains with RNP Procedures Bill Dunlay, Leigh-Fisher
Progress in Identifying and Safety Utilizing the Available Capacity | movie |  Jim Evans, Lincoln Labs
Strategic Priorities for Increasing Airport Capacity Monica Alcabin, Boeing
Session 4b: System Capacity II
Impact of Very Light Jet Traffic on Airport Terminal Area Hojong Baik, VPI
Impact of VLJs on Conflicts and Controller Workload Tony Dziepak, FAA
Do En Route Delays Matter? Some Preliminary Evidence Mark Hansen, UCB
Toward a Scientific Basis for Determining En Route Airspace Capacities Alex Bayen, UCB
Session 5: Resource Allocation and Financing
NAS Strategy Simulator Anne Yablonski Suissa, FAA
Innovative Finance for NAS Modernization Rich Golaszewski, GRA
The Future of Congestion Management Molly Smith, FAA
Privatization, Corporatization, Ownership Forms and their Effects Tae Oum, UBC
Session 6: Future Viability
Simulation Analysis of the Future NAS Dan Goldner, NGATS JPADO
Technology Policy and Economic Growth in Air Transportation George Donohue, Lance Sherry, GMU
A Highly Automated Integrated Future NAS Operational Concept Harry Swenson, NASA
Vindicated or Vilified? How Will We Measure Up in the Eyes of Tomorrow’s Generation Norm Fujisaki